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Dr. Jeff SharpExpert case consultation plays an integral role in the professional development and fulfillment of therapists. I offer individual and group consultation with a deep commitment to helping therapists discover the most effective theories and approaches for their practice.

Every therapist brings unique experiences, strengths and vulnerabilities to their work. Our profession is immensely rewarding, but it also can be challenging and isolating. It can stir up deeply personal reactions that are difficult to deal with alone. Through thoughtful consultation in a supportive,
"Jeff Sharp's consultation group greatly enriched my therapy practice. His skills and intuitive approach to working with difficult cases were invaluable. He was open to a wide variety of therapeutic orientations, and created a comfortable, non-judgmental environment conducive to sharing and learning. I strongly recommend Jeff Sharp as a clinical consultant."
Mary Ellen Halloran, LMFT
collegial environment, I help therapists explore the challenges and rewards of this profound work.

For the past 30 years, I have consulted with licensed psychotherapists and supervised and trained interns in graduate schools, clinics and private practice. I offer a solid understanding of the dominant therapeutic approaches: individual, couples, family, and group. My writing on the growth and training of psychotherapists and the importance of mentoring has been published and presented at APA.

Feel free to contact me if you are a mental health professional or graduate psychology student interested in consultation or psychotherapy.

Dr. Jeff Sharp
Oakland, California
tel: 510.333.7318
email: info@drjeffsharp.com